The Best Reaction to Hillary’s Presidential Announcement Video You Will Ever See! (WATCH)

Someone you might not expect was VERY unhappy at the news that Hillary Clinton is running for president – Baby Zeke burst into tears when he heard!

His mom posted the video of his tantrum – which quickly went viral on Facebook, saying, “This was Z’s immediate reaction to viewing HRC’s announcement video. Instant meltdown.”

The poor kid. He was simply expressing on the outside what everyone is feeling on the inside about Hillary running.

For a child, Zeke seems to have a pretty good grasp on what it takes to be president – at least in the age of Obama:

Mom: “Do you think you’re ready to be president?”

Zeke: “YESSS!”

Mom: “What do you think qualifies you to be president?”

Zeke: “I don’t know!”

Mom: “What would you do if you were president?”

Zeke: “Playyyyyyy.”

As one commenter on Facebook put it, “Because Obama is the only President he’s ever known, I can’t blame him for thinking all the President does is play with toys all day.” It also explains why he thinks he’s ready to be president and why he doesn’t know what qualifies someone to be president.


From the mouths of babes.

Zeke for President!

H/T Red Alert Politics

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