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The Ball Is In Your Impeachment Court, Nancy – Trump Says No To Documents Request

Did you ever realize how most Republicans would sit there and take Democrat punches while President Trump punches back.

I love this guy!

Trump and the White House are sending a letter to Nancy Pelosi informing her and the rest of the congressional Democrats that he doesn’t have to comply with their impeachment inquiry unless the House votes on impeachment and makes it official.

If the vote fails, Trump wins. If the vote passes, Trump’s wins because his attorneys will immediately drop subpoenas on Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, former VP Joe Biden, his son, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Michael Ohr, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Richard Steele, the whistleblower and many more. Republicans will wreck them on the stand then hold a quick vote not to remove the President. Democrats are just stepping on rakes. Checkmate.

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The White House is planning to send Speaker Nancy Pelosi a letter as soon as Friday arguing that President Trump and his team can ignore lawmakers’ demands until she holds a full House vote formally approving an impeachment inquiry, 2 sources familiar with the letter tell Axios.

Why it matters:

By putting in writing the case that Trump and his supporters have been making verbally for days, the White House is preparing for a court fight and arguing to the public that its resistance to Congress’ requests is justified.

Trump wants to force House Democrats in vulnerable races to be on the record if they favor pursuing impeachment, these sources tell us.

Republicans also say the minority party can exert more influence over hearings and other aspects of an inquiry once it is formalized with a vote. [Axios]


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I have no doubt that President Trump has not laid all his cards on the table, and will keep dropping enough tidbits to keep the Dems on the defense. His statement today that the Bidens may have also shaken down other countries (I am paraphrasing) wasn’t made haphazardly. He knows, bank on it.

Schiff already stated today if Trump administration doesn’t comply they will pursue an obstruction of justice impeachment! We’ve had enough of the “obstruction of justice” proclamations. Let them pursue this. I think they may try it, but with enough push-back, it will go nowhere.

Pelosi has tried to set this up is like the Spanish Inquisition. The victim gets no witnesses in his favor, no representation at all, just people spewing hateful lies at him. That is not how justice works in America. They’re going to say he’s just hiding the truth. He needs to hammer home every day that the Constitution demands congress to vote on impeachment.

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