That Hungry? What Hillary Does at a Chipotle Leaves Some “Perplexed”

Democratic 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton made a stop on her way to Iowa to reach out to everyday Americans. And, let’s face it when you are hungry, you are hungry.

Hillary visited a Chipotle restaurant in Ohio to get a bite to eat during her hectic schedule. She was spotted, photographed, and the photos went viral over social media. There’s one thing you didn’t hear the mainstream media speaking about – she didn’t stop to talk to people in line.

hillary chipoltle1.jpg

CNN Reporter Brianna Keilar reported that Iowans were “perplexed” Clinton didn’t take the opportunity to “glad hand,” or talk to people in line. If she is looking to connect with people, what better way to do so than at a fast food eatery.

Seems Hillary has this traveling through the country without getting stumped down to a science. What better way to not get a “gotcha” question from voters who are angry at the nation’s economy.

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