Ted Cruz jabbed actor Tom Hanks after the latter narrated a video produced by Joe Biden’s Presidential Inaugural Committee celebrating his first year in office saying, “The Simpsons did it first!”

And they did – like many, many other predictions over the years.

The video was released Thursday and portrays America in recovery under Biden. That being highly debatable.

In it, the Forrest Gump actor touts the Biden economy as an example that Americans have been “brave enough to pull ourselves up again and again.”

“Like with our economy. It isn’t all the way back, but it’s getting stronger,” Hanks says.

“I can feel the change,” says Sandra Lindsay, a New York nurse who received the very first COVID vaccine developed under the Trump administration.

“We’ve learned so much,” Hanks follows. “We’re better prepared now.”

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Tom Hanks Biden Video Similar To His Appearance In The Simpsons Movie

While Hanks’ praise for the Biden economy isn’t necessarily grounded in reality, his cameo in The Simpsons Movie perfectly emulates what he is trying to do for the President today.

“Hello, I’m Tom Hanks,” an animated version of the actor states. “The U.S. government has lost its credibility, so it’s borrowing some of mine.”

Biden, currently sporting a 33% approval rating according to Quinnipiac and whom, in another poll, saw 48% of respondents say they do not believe he is mentally fit for the presidency, could certainly use some of Tom Hanks’ credibility.

“The Simpsons did it first!” Cruz mocked, sharing a tweet that said, “Oh my gosh it’s the Simpsons in real life.”

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Other Simpsons Predictions

This isn’t the first time that the animated hit series The Simpsons accurately reflected real-life events.

One episode quite famously portrayed Donald Trump as descending an escalator, bearing a striking resemblance to the scene of his presidential announcement, while another episode titled “Bart to the Future” shows Lisa mention that he was President before her.

In that same episode, viewers will note that Lisa’s outfit – a purple jacket and pearls – is eerily similar to the outfit Vice President Kamala Harris wore on Inauguration Day.

The Simpsons in 2019 posted a video online of a parody of a song from West Side Story which showed then-President Trump in a ‘sing-off’ against the Squad.

At the end of the clip, animated versions of Biden and Harris can be seen dancing together, which was well before they became running mates.

With all that said, perhaps the episode most reflective of a world with Biden as President, a world with people walking around in masks because the government tells them to, is the one titled, “The Day the Earth Looked Stupid.”

In it, citizens of Springfield try to stave off an alien invasion by pretending to be animals, wallowing naked in the mud and mooing, all because Marge Simpson told them to.

At the end of his clip in The Simpsons Movie, Hanks returns and asks “If you’re going to pick a government to trust, why not this one?”

Where do we begin?

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