World Health Organization

Rubio Publishes Vast COVID-19 Report: ‘Beijing Hid The Truth’

By Philip Wegmann for RealClearPolitics A new report by Sen. Marco Rubio concludes that “a serious biosafety incident” in China…

2 weeks ago

Facebook Lifts Ban On Posts About COVID-19 Possibly Being Man-Made

Back on February 8, Facebook announced that it would restrict posts about claims that COVID-19 might be man-made or manufactured.…

2 years ago

Biden – Just Like Trump – Told Americans Not To ‘Panic’ About COVID At Beginning Of Pandemic

On Wednesday, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden blasted President Donald Trump for downplaying the threat of COVID-19 in February…

3 years ago

Hillary Clinton Calls Trump Withdrawing From World Health Organization A ‘Self-Inflicted Disaster’

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton said that President Donald Trump's decision to formally withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO) is…

3 years ago

Barbra Streisand Claims President Trump Is ‘Dangerous To Our Health’ During Fundraiser For Biden

This woman will do and say anything to stop Trump from being reelected, which is exactly why nothing she says…

3 years ago

Trump Pulls U.S. Out Of World Health Organization: Is The U.N. Next?

Is it almost time to say goodbye to that reptile den on the Hudson?

3 years ago

Mia Farrow Outrageously Claims President Trump Will ‘Kill Off All’ His Supporters By Reopening Churches

It's unfortunate that Farrow has allowed her anti-Trump mindset to consume her to this degree.

3 years ago

Lindsey Graham: Chinese Communist Party’s Deception Is Directly Responsible For Global Pandemic

Yet the American media seem intent on praising or defending China, and blaming President Trump for mishandling the coronavirus.

3 years ago

DHS Intel Says Chinese Lied About Virus To Hoard Supplies

SecState Mike Pompeo blasted them on Sunday for lying to the world.

3 years ago

President Trump Has Seen Evidence Coronavirus Originated In Wuhan Lab

The Chinese economy has also taken a bigger virus hit than the U.S. economy.

3 years ago

Governor Cuomo Says We Need A ‘Hard Look’ At Experts And ‘International Watchdogs’ On Coronavirus

On Thursday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said there needs to be a “hard look” at “the experts, the organizations,…

3 years ago

Mike Pompeo: United States Might Stop Funding WHO

Speaking to Laura Ingraham, Secretary Mike Pompeo said that the US might stop funding the World Health Organization completely. Pompeo:…

3 years ago