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john kirby cold americans
November 1, 2022
When asked for the plan to keep Americans warm this winter, John Kirby told us all they are doing… for Europeans and Ukraine.
americans high heating prices
October 20, 2022
As colder weather approaches the U.S., many Americans are being faced with a new worry: how to pay to heat their homes this winter.
Joe Rogan Asks About Ted Cruz Travel Scandal: ‘Can He Make It Warm Out?’ ‘What Can He Do?’
February 22, 2021
Popular podcast host Joe Rogan asked what Texas Senator Ted Cruz could have done by staying in Texas rather than traveling to Cancun.
January 18, 2019
As we approach the dead of the winter, the days are getting longer and weather getting chillier. Nevertheless, even though the weather is unforgiving, there is much that we can do to make the winter time more bearable. As you dream of warmer days, let these six products help make surviving the winter cold just a little bit easier!