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Tom Cruise
July 10, 2023
Tom Cruise has refused to submit to the “woke ideology” of Hollywood, and it’s paid off for him in a big way.
Top Gun
June 29, 2023
Light up the BBQs, pack the cooler full of beers that aren’t Bud Lite, and prepare to enjoy some fireworks as Independence Day rolls over once again as we celebrate the birth of the greatest country the world has ever known!
Military recruitment Top Gun Maverick
September 7, 2022
The Pentagon is freaking out after reports have shown for several years in a row that fewer and fewer Americans are considering military service as either a brief commitment or even a full career, that’s if they’re even fit enough to be eligible to serve in the first place.
ron desantis top gun
August 23, 2022
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may have released the best ad of the 2022 campaign cycle so far, parodying Top Gun.
The newest campaign ad for President Donald Trump has a powerful message about the comeback for our nation after this virus.
Cruz Hollywood
Ted Cruz has introduced legislation that would stop Hollywood studios that are complicit in Chinese censorship from using DoD assets.