Tom Cruise Takes Over Hollywood By Refusing To Submit To ‘Woke Ideology’

Tom Cruise
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Tom Cruise of Top Gun and Mission Impossible fame has managed to take over Hollywood for a variety of reasons that include refusing to bow to the “woke ideology” that has become prevalent in the industry, according to media experts.

Cruise Refuses To Go Woke

Cruise’s seventh movie in his Mission Impossible series, titled Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, is set to hit theaters on Thursday. Ahead of the premiere, Hollywood experts are speaking out to talk about why Cruise continues to be so successful after forty years of cinematic hits.

“Cruise knows his audience, stays true to his formula, and has never bent to studio pressure or the rapid encroachment of woke ideology,” Doug Eldridge, a founder of Achilles PR firm, told Fox News. “It’s a ‘chicken or the egg’ question as to whether Hollywood sets the trends or simply follows them, but whatever the order, Cruise always marches to his own drum and it’s paid off at the box office.”

“He has certainly had his share of scandal – from his role in Scientology, to the Oprah couch-jumping incident… yet Cruise has stayed on point and always kept the main thing, the main thing: tell a story, keep it entertaining, and meet your audience where they are,” he continued.

In a time when Hollywood movies are more woke than ever, Cruise’s refusal to go woke is refreshing in the eyes of the millions of American theater goers who just want to be entertained for a few hours, rather than be lectured to about radically liberal ideologies. Last summer, Cruise’s hit movie Top Gun: Maverick made nearly $1.5 billion globally, and his upcoming Mission Impossible movie is expected to be a huge success as well.

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Audiences Love Cruise

Kathy Fielder, CEO of Thrive, also had some thoughts on why Cruise is so popular with audiences.

“He’s familiar and you know what you’re going to get when you watch his movies,” she explained. “They’ll be entertaining and action packed. With a big budget and a beautiful love interest.”

“Tom Cruise owns the summer because he established himself as an A-list star early on and has consistently starred in movies that reiterate this stardom,” Fielder added. “Any movie he signs up for is an instant blockbuster, evident through his success with ‘Top Gun.’ He has the it factor that America loves to watch. He maintains popularity with his established franchises still creating successful films, not to mention his ability to do his own stunts and still look good while he does them.”

It should be noted that at the age of 61, Cruise continues to perform even the most dangerous of stunts in his films.

“The recent meme where it shows famous actors and their stunt doubles, then you get to the square where it’s Tom Cruise and it’s the only frame where it’s just one person… in so many ways this is why Americans love Cruise,” Elder chimed back in to say.

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Cruise Puts America First

Elder concluded by pointing out that while the rest of Hollywood is trying to cater other nations, Cruise always puts America first with his films.

“From John Cena’s fumbling apology in Mandarin (following an innocuous comment regarding Taiwan), to the controversial decision to remove the iconic planting of the American flag in Ryan Gosling’s First Man because the director didn’t view the moon landing as an ‘American achievement,'” Elder stated.

“At a time when there are more Ukrainian flags than American flags on front porches across the D.C. region and Hollywood self-censors (and even scrubs history when execs strive to avoid offending the Chinese market) Cruise has consistently kept the American film audience in mind when making movies, developing characters and appealing to central tenets of good storytelling,” he concluded.

Hollywood can keep being woke all that they want to, but it’s not going to convince more Americans to buy tickets to their films. In the end, Hollywood might want to take a page out of Cruise’s playbook, because he’s the one doing it right these days!

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