Soviet Union

The Left Used To Support Radical Free Speech. Now They Abhor It. What Happened?

I've always had a penchant for all things radical. I sometimes argue that I was born in the wrong decade…

8 months ago

Republican ‘Squad’ Known As ‘Freedom Force’ Teams Up To Take On AOC And Socialism

Four incoming Republican members of Congress have teamed up to form the conservative version of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (D-NY) "Squad"…

2 years ago

Freshman Republican Maria Elvira Salazar Creating Her Own ‘Squad’ To Combat Socialist Democrats

Congresswoman-elect Maria Elvira Salazar is seeking to create her own version of "the Squad" to combat radical socialist Democrats. They…

3 years ago

Lenin Statue Revealed In German City Of Gelsenkirchen

A statue of Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet leader, was revealed in the German city of Gelsenkirchen, at a time when…

3 years ago

Sanders: ‘I Am Not Communist’ — Calls Trump a ‘Pathological Liar’ for Saying So

On Sunday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders accused President Donald Trump on "Fox News Sunday" of possibly not understanding…

3 years ago

Obama Documentary Oscar Winner Quotes Communist Manifesto: ‘Workers of the World Unite!’

The filmmaker for a documentary that former President Barack Obama produced quoted one of Karl Marx's most famous "Communist Manifesto"…

3 years ago

Trump Calls Sanders Communist, Adds Fuel to Democratic Fires

On one hand he call Sanders a "communist." On the other he accuses the Democratic establishment of rigging the nomination…

3 years ago

Warren Wants to Control Your Freedom of Speech

Have the Democrats internalized a hatred of free expression? Yes.

3 years ago

Schiff Resurrects Domino Theory

A Cold War pro-communist party uses a classic anti-communist line.

3 years ago

Iranian Despots Slaughter More Innocents in Air Attack

Paranoid regimes downing civilian planes is sadly not a new phenomenon.

3 years ago

Alan Dershowitz: Democrats Making Up Crimes Just Like KGB Did

Liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz says that after the Democrats' "collusion" accusation collapsed, they are still attempting to "create…

4 years ago