Dem Sen. Blumenthal Outrageously Claims Republicans Are ‘Complicit In All These Shootings’

In the days since the mass shooting at a Boulder, Colorado grocery store, Democrats have been shamelessly politicizing the tragedy…

2 years ago

Michael Rapaport Torches AOC For Ignoring NYC’s Surge In Shootings – ‘You Never Bring That Stuff Up’

Michael Rapaport is a liberal comedic actor who enjoys spending his free time launching below the belt attacks on President…

3 years ago

Shootings In New York City Skyrocket By 205% After The NYPD Disbands ‘Anti-Crime’ Unit

It has just been revealed that shootings in New York City have increased by 205% in the weeks since NYPD…

3 years ago

112 People Are Shot In 9 Days In NYC As De Blasio Pushes For $1 Billion Budget Cut For Police

New York City has officially descended into complete chaos under the "leadership" of Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is continuing…

3 years ago

Chelsea Handler Claims It Took A COVID-19 Lockdown For America To Go A Month Without A School Shooting

March boasted the most firearm background checks on record.

3 years ago

Obama Criticized the President Over Shootings, Trump Just Took Him Apart

President Trump fired back at Barack Obama after the former president issued a forceful statement condemning leaders who feed "a…

4 years ago

Twenty-Four Shootings, Five Murders Reported In One Chicago Weekend

Whitney Tipton on April 8, 2019 Chicago saw a spike in gun crime over the weekend, with 24 shootings and five…

4 years ago

Zero Mass Shootings Have Been Committed by Known NRA Members

Here's one liberal talking point I'll never understand following any mass public shooting: the NRA "has blood on their hands."…

5 years ago

Whoa! Police in THIS State Just Delivered a Powerful Message to Obama During Visit

In 2015 alone, at least 82 police officers have died in the line of duty. The brave men and women…

8 years ago

Judge Napolitano: Eric Holder Fanned the Flames For What Happened In Ferguson

Two police officers were shot last night in Ferguson, Missouri, during protests inspired by the resignation of Police Chief Tom Jackson.…

8 years ago