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FBI, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
September 1, 2023
You simply cannot believe the FBI data on active shootings, as there is lots of evidence that it is misleading.
chicagoans witness shooting
Sea Cow, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
May 15, 2023
A new Journal of the American Medical Association study finds that more than half of all Chicagoans will witness a…
March 24, 2021
The Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal outrageously claimed that Republicans are "complicit in all these shootings."
AOC Rapaport
September 16, 2020
Hollywood star Michael Rapaport just torched AOC for ignoring NYC's surge in shootings, saying "you never bring that stuff up."
July 6, 2020
Shootings in New York City have skyrocketed by 205% after the NYPD disbanded the "anti-crime" unit. It didn't take long…
De Blasio NYPD
June 30, 2020
A total of 112 people were shot in nine days in New York City (NYC) as Mayor Bill de Blasio…
April 17, 2020
March boasted the most firearm background checks on record.
August 6, 2019
Trump fired back at Barack Obama after the former president issued a forceful statement condemning leaders who feed "a climate…
April 8, 2019
Whitney Tipton on April 8, 2019 Chicago saw a spike in gun crime over the weekend, with 24 shootings and five…
March 12, 2015
Two police officers were shot last night in Ferguson, Missouri, during protests inspired by the resignation of Police Chief Tom Jackson.…