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Pruitt harassed
July 3, 2018
Yet another liberal warrior took it upon themselves, at the direction of the Democrat party and their leader Maxine Waters, to harass Scott Pruitt.
trump fire pruitt
June 15, 2018
There’s a general consensus arising within the conservative movement: EPA head Scott Pruitt is now a liability for the Administration.
laura ingraham pruitt
June 13, 2018
There’s something rotten at the Environmental Protection Agency, and it’s not wastewater leaking into the ocean: it’s Scott Pruitt.
investigate scott pruitt
April 12, 2018
EPA Chief Scott Pruitt received several death threats during the first few months of his tenure at the agency, according to a CBS News Wednesday report.
Joe Miller FBI informant
April 11, 2018
White House staff are considering replacing Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt with his yet-to-be-confirmed deputy Andrew Wheeler, according to a source.
investigate scott pruitt
April 3, 2018
The White House is investigating Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt for misconduct associated with a $50-a-night bedroom in Washington, D.C., he rented from an energy lobbyist’s spouse, The Wall Street Journal reported.
pruitt rent room lobbyist
April 2, 2018
California Rep. Ted Lieu wants President Donald Trump to fire EPA Chief Scott Pruitt after reports surfaced showing the former Oklahoma attorney general rented a room from energy lobbyists.
pruitt epa security
October 26, 2017
Environmental Protection Agency Chief Scott Pruitt has increased the amount of armed security detail for himself and his family.
March 10, 2017
The EPA environmental justice chief resigned, thanks to President Donald J. Trump’s new EPA chief, Scott Pruitt, who is an enemy of regulations.
February 17, 2017
Will Trump abolish the EPA? His new Secretary of the Environmental Protect Agency, Scott Pruitt, could team up with Congress