sanctuary cities

Obama, Bush Appointed Judges Rule Illegals Must Be Counted In Determining Congressional Seats

A three-judge panel in New York has ruled that illegal immigrants must be counted when determining the number of seats…

3 years ago

White House Considering Withholding Coronavirus Aid From Sanctuary Cities

During a roundtable discussion with business leaders regarding future economic relief efforts, President Trump indicated that he will inquire about…

3 years ago

Border Patrol Chief Refuses to Send Back Criminal Illegal Aliens to Sanctuary Cities

Rodney Scott, the Border Patrol chief, said in a briefing that he would not hand back criminal illegal aliens to…

3 years ago

DHS Chief Reveals That Over 700 Miles Of Border Wall Has Either Been Built Or Soon Will Be

Trump has followed through with virtually all of the campaign promises that he made in regards to taking on illegal…

3 years ago

AG Bill Barr Gets Tough With ‘Sanctuary’ Cities

The Trump administration makes a popular and needed move.

3 years ago

‘They Are Endangering The Communities’: New DHS Chief Rips Sanctuary Cities

Jason Hopkins on November 26, 2019 Chad Wolf, recently appointed the acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) chief, appeared on “Fox…

3 years ago

‘An Affront To The Rule Of Law’: DHS, ICE Leaders Highlight Dangers Of Sanctuary Policies

Jason Hopkins on November 25, 2019 The top leaders of DHS and ICE visited Raleigh, North Carolina on Monday to discuss…

3 years ago

President Trump Is Challenging California’s Sanctuary Law In The Supreme Court

Kevin Daley on October 28, 2019 The Trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to toss a California law barring state…

3 years ago

‘Not Protecting His Community’: Former ICE Chief Blasts Los Angeles Sheriff For Releasing ‘100 Criminal Illegals’ A Day

Jason Hopkins on October 23, 2019 Former acting ICE director Thomas Homan criticized the sheriff of Los Angeles, a sanctuary city,…

3 years ago

Illegal Alien Allegedly Killed A Teenager After Getting Released Repeatedly From Custody In Sanctuary City

Jason Hopkins on October 10, 2019 Carlos Daniel Carillo-Lopez, an illegal alien from Guatemala, allegedly participated in the gang murder of…

3 years ago

‘Protecting Criminals Is Lawlessness’: Former ICE Chief Blasts Sanctuary Cities

Jason Hopkins on September 27, 2019 Former ICE chief Ron Vitiello ripped into sanctuary cities and jurisdictions during a media appearance…

3 years ago

ICE Acting Director Rips Sanctuary City Mayors For Helping Illegal Aliens Avoid Arrest

Jason Hopkins on July 14, 2019 Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Matthew Albence took a swipe at U.S. mayors who…

4 years ago