Border Patrol Chief Refuses to Send Back Criminal Illegal Aliens to Sanctuary Cities

Border Patrol

Rodney Scott, the Border Patrol chief, said in a briefing that he would not hand back criminal illegal aliens to sanctuary cities that wouldn’t let them be deported.

“We’ll Prosecute Them Federally, Then Deport Them”

Scott, who became the new chief of the Border Patrol in January of this year, said that the organization would not send back any illegal alien criminals to cities that had a “sanctuary” policy after their court case had finished, as those cities could not guarantee they would be returned to federal agencies to be deported. If the sanctuary city, or state, such as California, would not deport them, then Border Patrol would do it themselves.

“My job is to protect the United States and to secure the borders, not to get prosecutions, so we are deporting people that have active warrants because the state will not give back that person to us, and we have to pick: federal law or state law,” Scott said in a briefing, adding that it does not matter what the crime they committed was.

“It doesn’t really matter the charge,” Scott continued. “If they will not give confirmation that they are going to return the individual, then we are not going to turn them over. We’ll prosecute them federally, then deport them.”

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We Must Fight Against Sanctuary Cities!

This is another win for those of us who are concerned about the borders of the United States. It’s fantastic to see Scott taking charge against the scourge of sanctuary cities and states. They are a danger to the American people – local governments, be they cities or states, that prioritize the protection of illegal alien criminals over the safety of citizens, and they must be cracked down upon by the federal government.

It’s astonishing how this phenomenon has been allowed to continued unabated for so long, so every little decision by federal agencies, such as this one, that go against them are very much welcome.

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