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Bill Maher
February 8, 2021
“Real Time” host Bill Maher has claimed that Christianity is to blame for the Capitol riot that took place last month.
Katie Couric
January 18, 2021
Television personality Katie Couric asked how we’ll “deprogram people who signed up for the cult” of President Donald Trump.
Trump Maher
May 24, 2020
Bill Maher just revealed that he now regrets the impeachment efforts made against Donald Trump, admitting that they “turned out to be a horrible thing.”
Michael Moore
May 23, 2020
Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore just issued a warning to Democrats about President Donald Trump’s reelection chances.
Bill Maher
April 18, 2020
Bill Maher blasted the mainstream media for their coronavirus negativity during his show on Friday night, saying they are helping Donald Trump.