President Donald J. Trump

January 6 Committee Criminal Referrals Of Trump & More – What It All Means

In what is not a shocking move, the House select committee on January 6 announced on Thursday that it is…

2 months ago

Trump Racks Up the Judicial Wins

He is doing an excellent job on this matter.

2 years ago

Ingraham Speaks For Conservatives: No Justice, No Healing

They want to make kissy face now? Not quite.

2 years ago

Trump Strengthened NATO With Tough Love

The alliance is stronger for it.

2 years ago

Franklin Graham Praises President Trump On Supreme Court Appointments

They have already made a difference.

2 years ago

Tulsi Gabbard Presses For Other Pardons

Specifically, Assange and Snowden.

2 years ago

Trump Selflessly Fights Election Corruption

I'm serious. Really.

2 years ago

Newt Gingrich Outlines Current National Plight

Before he was in politics he was a history professor.

2 years ago

Kristi Noem Should Be On The Ticket in 2024

We need a new look.

2 years ago

The President Must Fight This

This is a coup.

2 years ago

Hillary Nowhere To Be Seen, As Biden Trots Out Obama

This cannot make Hills very harpy...I mean, happy.

2 years ago