FNC pundit Laura Ingraham, an articulate and telegenic host, took to the airways Monday to speak for the vast majority of conservatives.

No Justice On This Election, No Healing

Yes, as she and this publication have pointed out, Biden is likely to be inaugurated. But given the way he got to office he shouldn’t expect any slack. In the fine tradition of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, he will get back at least what the Democrats gave the president over the last four years and hopefully much more than that.

No Justice on this Election, No Healing.


Ingraham runs with the ball on the subject of the soft gentle healing process of naming an infanticidal maniac to head the HHS.

“If confirmed, he (Xavier Becerra) wouldn’t just be the most radical HHS secretary, he’d be one of the most radical cabinet secretaries in history,” Ingraham said, referencing Becerra’s “hard-core leftist” support for sanctuary cities and extreme gun control, as well as his belief in completely open borders.

“Becerra was so pro-abortion that he even targeted his state’s crisis pregnancy centers,” she added. “Thankfully, the Supreme Court smacked him down.”

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Ingraham Doubles Down

Ingraham went on to say that if Biden “had any real interest in cooling off rather than igniting the culture wars, there are things he could do that don’t conflict with true liberal thought. He could take a principled stand against the cancel culture, maybe go to Harvard [and] push for more intellectual diversity on campus.”

“He could go to El Paso, Texas, and talk about the rule of law and why it’s the responsibility of the executive branch to enforce all immigration laws currently on the books,” she said. “He could pledge to oppose an effort … to quash the free speech of his political opponents, or do anything that would undermine our traditional rights as Americans.”

“Biden could make clear that he generally opposes lockdowns and understands that they infringe on our constitutional rights. … At a minimum, he could demand that all schools be open to in-person learning, period — no exception — because teachers are essential workers and have to show or find a new job,” the Fox News host continued. 

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Biden Caters To Far Left

However, Biden “is tiptoeing right now around the far left. He is more afraid of upsetting them then alienating the more than 74 million Americans who turned out for President Trump…”

“As long as conservative Americans believe that President Trump is the only person standing between them and tyranny, they will remain fiercely loyal to him,” Ingraham said. “They believe he is one of the few who actually fights for their values and for their families, and in watching everything that’s going on right now, who could blame them?”

No one. And the president may well lead the opposition to the Biden administration. It will then hopefully give him some satisfaction to give it right back to the Democrats, in spades.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on December 8, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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