Biden Would Destroy Trump Work With Executive Orders

They're planning on it.


Recently acquired Democrat mouthpiece Fox News was trumpeting the fact Tuesday that if Joe Biden takes office, they said “when,” he will on day one by executive order destroy whatever he can of the Trump agenda on border security, national security, and the economy.

Biden’s Plans To Dismantle Trump Legacy

These are Biden’s public and likely private plans to dismantle the Trump achievements and thus dismantle America. A lot of this will done to pay back the debt he owes the hard left for supporting him in the election.

Border security- The wall is coming down. All of it. Catch and release will be reinstated. The borders will be wide open, much to the delight of Mexican drug cartels and foreign terrorists.

The aim, as it always has been, is to overrun Texas with new immigrant votes of people dependent on government services and thus dependent on welfare state Democrats. If the Republicans lose Texas, we have no chance at the presidency. None.

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National security- It’s over. Our greatest enemies will have a big say in American national security. Russia and China both have seedy information on the corruption of Joe Biden and they will use it to leverage him into surrendering American interests around the world.

Iran will get their nuke treaty back and thus will have operational nuclear weapons in less than two years. The Israelis will, to stay alive, strike before that. Thus Joe Biden will likely bring war, perhaps nuclear war, to the Middle East.

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Biden’s Potential Military Plans

Biden will slash the military to shreds. Military units will become short of ammo and essential supplies. The bulk of the Navy will stay in port because of lack of fuel. Military pay will be stagnant, while the welfare state shoves mountains of cash to its clients. Most of the Air Force will be grounded because of fuel issues and a dearth of spare parts.

Senior leaders will resign. Yes men and women, politicians in uniform, will take their place. The military will be seen by the Biden administration as a social engineering PC indoctrination vehicle, not as a fighting force.

The economy- It will be trashed much worse than Covid-19 ever accomplished. The minimum wage will be raised to $15 an hour, throwing millions out of work. Corporate taxes will skyrocket, throwing more out of work and sending jobs overseas. The misery index will rise, as inflation, unemployment, and interest rates spike. The Biden administration will blame this on Trump and Covid-19, in that order. The press will follow their lead.

Alarmist? Paranoia? Go back and read our election coverage of the last two weeks before the election. Hell, go back a month. We’re batting about .900 on that score. I’m guessing we’re hitting the same average on this.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on November 11, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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