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Tim Ballard Biden
Source: Screenshot YouTube Source: Screenshot YouTube
September 15, 2023
Tim Ballard, whose story is told in the hit movie “Sound Of Freedom,” just issued a major demand to President Joe Biden.
Slave Trade Cartels Mexican Border
Source: Screenshot Twitter Video
July 21, 2023
A border expert is trying to warn lawmakers that “America’s new slave trade is here” at the hands of Mexican cartels.
Source: Screenshot YouTube
July 10, 2023
Members of the Arizona Border Recon group are out on American patrols in the smuggler-blighted border badlands.
Source: Screenshot YouTube
March 15, 2023
Chilling warnings are being issued nationwide that illicit drugs are being laced with animal tranquilizers.
Kamala Harris America Ferrera
June 11, 2021
“Ugly Betty” star America Ferrera ripped Kamala Harris for her “cruel” border comments, calling it a “slap in the face.”
Burgess Owens
March 25, 2021
The GOP Rep. Burgess Owens demanded that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris visit the border so that they can “see it for themselves.”
Trump Takes Up for Latino Supporters Whose Restaurant Gets Bad Reviews After They Attended His Rally
March 2, 2020
Latino owners of a Mexican restaurant received an onslaught of bad restaurant reviews and even threats after they attended a recent Trump rally.
July 15, 2019
ICE facility in Colorado took down an American flag and replaced it by raising a Mexican flag
February 22, 2019
A Mexican national who fired point-blank at a Deputy in California during a routine traffic stop was in the country […]