What to do When Politics and Ideology Destroy Family Traditions During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and holiday movies are in full swing, especially if you are a Hallmark Channel…

2 weeks ago

‘Compassionate’ Liberals Freak Out Over Busloads Of Illegal Immigrants Sent To Sanctuary Cities Like NYC, D.C.

As the border crisis remains out of control, states like Texas and Arizona are being inundated with illegal immigrants. Both…

3 months ago

Psaki Breaks Down Crying Over Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill – ‘Makes Me Completely Crazy’

White House press secretary Jen Psaki broke down in tears discussing the Parental Rights in Education law in Florida, saying…

7 months ago

Al Sharpton Claims ‘A Lot Of People Have Taken Advantage Of Our Pain Rather Than Trying To Ease Our Pain’

MSNBC host Al Sharpton went on "Morning Joe" on Monday morning to lash out a group he described as “latte liberals,”…

1 year ago

Black Sportswriter Blasts ‘White Liberals’ As ‘Bigots’ And ‘Racists’: Calls Liberalism ‘The New KKK Hood’

Sportswriter Jason Whitlock went on Fox News this week to talk to host Tucker Carlson about the scandal surrounding Georgetown…

2 years ago

Almost 2/3 Of Voters Think Liberal Rioters Will Respond With Violence If Trump Is Reelected

A new poll has revealed that almost 2/3 of American voters say progressive activists will respond with violence if Donald Trump wins…

2 years ago

Biden Stretching His Lead In The Polls Over Trump? Don’t Make Me Laugh

Remember how accurate these polls were last time? The only one that has been consistently reliable is Rasmussen, which has…

2 years ago

Goya Foods Sales Take Off After Liberal Boycott

Democrats and Hollywood won't buy Goya. But Americans are buying it in droves.

2 years ago

Liberals Think They Know What’s Best For Our Children With Their Indoctrination Methods, Um, I Mean ‘Education’

Democrats are in the way of black success. They've got a vested interest in maintaining a poor, alienated and angry…

2 years ago

‘Lone Ranger’ Star Armie Hammer Says That All Law Enforcement In The U.S. Is ‘Inherently Racist’

Despite the travesty in Minneapolis resulting in George Floyd's death, it's not acceptable for Hammer to use this tragic incident…

2 years ago

Hillary Clinton Tries To Humiliate Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner

Clinton has clearly never gotten over losing to Trump in 2016, as she can't seem to go a day without…

3 years ago