Rich White Liberals Use Invisible Suburban Border ‘Walls’ to Keep Out Minorities

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A secure border is a critical step in keeping a country safe. You can secure a border through border patrol, legislation, barriers to entry, and even the left wing’s nemesis – a physical wall. 

Liberals hate the idea of a border wall because they claim it keeps out those seeking asylum and perpetuates our alleged systemic racism by keeping our country less diverse. Most of them dislike a border wall because former President Donald Trump used the idea as a central cornerstone of his initial presidential campaign.

While Republicans want to secure our nation through a physical wall, rich liberals are using a much more subversive tactic to keep their neighborhood pristinely white while claiming to champion diversity. It’s not the big evil fat cat white Republicans scheming to keep minorities out of good communities; it’s virtue-signaling wine-sipping white Democrats doing that work.

A case study

A recent case study has brought into the limelight the truth about this phenomenon. The Century Foundation studied zoning laws and educational opportunities focusing on two Westchester County, New York suburbs. 

Scarsdale and Port Chester are two neighboring suburbs with vastly different demographics. Scarsdale consists of predominately white, college-educated families living in single-family homes costing in the $1 million range, making over $200,000 a year. 

On the other hand, Port Chester has a more diverse demographic with an equally diverse housing situation, including multifamily and single-family homes and household annual salaries hovering more at about $80,000. The study found that these two neighboring suburbs are vastly different because Scarsdale has utilized zoning laws to prevent low-income and racial minorities from moving into their suburb.

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The study explains:

“In addition to discriminatory government judgments about where to place public housing, zoning has been a prime driver of residential segregation.”

More specifically, the study highlights how white liberal, affluent suburbs like Scarsdale have managed to shut out minorities:

“Government-sponsored zoning restrictions that forbid multifamily housing, or even single-family homes on modest-sized plots of land, are pervasive in American communities.”

Those white picket fences to go with their white guilt seem to keep these virtue-signaling white liberals comfortable away from any real diversity.

Not in my backyard

Perhaps the best takedown of these hypocritical well-to-do liberals comes from liberal policy analyst and long-time proponent of class-based versus race-based affirmative action, Richard Kahlenberg.

In his piece in The Atlantic, Mr. Kahlenberg states:

“One can safely presume that few Scarsdale residents are ardent backers of Trump’s wall on the Mexican border. But many of them support a less visible kind of wall, erected by zoning regulations that ban multifamily housing and keep non-wealthy people, many of them people of color, out of their community.”

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Scarsdale and Port Chester are located in New York’s 16th Congressional District, which progressive Democrat Jamaal Bowman represents

It’s important to note that Mr. Bowman has numerous ties to the Democratic Socialists of America. Where are his demands to distribute the wealth and opportunities afforded the Scarsdale liberals to the Port Chester liberals? 

Liberal crocodile tears

It’s not just zoning laws that the rich white liberals use to keep minorities down while claiming to care for those who are underserved and underrepresented in this country. After the death of George Floyd, the progressive left of the Democrat Party shouted to defund the police and instead have our streets protected by unarmed social workers.

Squad member Cori Bush continues to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for personal security while demanding police be defunded. So instead of arguing for more funding for better equipment and training for police who spend a significant amount of time fighting crime in low-income and minority communities, she wants to take that money away while paying for her own high-end armed security.

The COVID pandemic brought to light just how terrible the public school system in our country has become, and cries for school choice have been heard from coast to coast. Again, the progressive left continues to be vehemently against school choice.

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They claim public schools are the best option to help elevate minority populations and low-income families. Yet at the same time, they choose alternative education for their family members, like Senator Elizabeth Warren, who sent her son to private school.

So while the well-to-do left wing of this country likes to claim to care about the oppressed and the minority population, they really want to make sure they have the opportunities for advancement and security while others don’t. 

Blind belief

Last year Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent 50 illegal immigrants to the white liberal enclave Martha’s Vineyard. The liberal media gushed about how his political tactic backfired.

They claimed that since residents came out with welcome baskets, pizza, sandwiches, and soup, it proved the left in this country cares about immigrants and those in need. At the same time, the right only uses them as political props.

But what didn’t get the same coverage was that these ‘caring’ white liberals didn’t open their homes indefinitely or set up encampments for the immigrants on Martha’s Vineyard. Once the pizza and sandies were gone, they shipped them off to a military base because the only thing they want in their backyard is signs that claim they accept everyone – they don’t actually want to have anyone other than themselves in their neighborhood.

Joe Biden won Westchester County, which houses Scarsdale and Port Chester, with 67% of the vote. Many voters in the affluent Scarsdale and the struggling Port Chester neighborhoods voted for Mr. Biden.

It’s no wonder the rich white liberals of Scarsdale cast their vote for Joe. But one has to wonder why low-income and minority populations continue to vote for Democrats.

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