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vegas shooting motive
January 19, 2018
The Las Vegas police just announced that there was no motive behind the deadly shooting – the deadliest shooting on American soil – that took place in Las Vegas last October.
celine dion vegas
October 11, 2017
Celine Dion dedicates her concert in Las Vegas to the victims and heroes of the tragic mass shooting that took place in the city a week ago.
jimmy kimmel ratings
October 9, 2017
After engaging in high-profile protests, the ratings for Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show have slipped in recent days, likely due to the host’s opinions.
taylor swift flowers las vegas
October 5, 2017
Taylor Swift sent flowers to an LAPD office to show her support for an off-duty officer who was shot in Las Vegas, and liberals aren’t happy.
stephen paddock lollapalooza
October 5, 2017
Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock booked two hotel rooms overlooking Grant Park in Chicago where Lollapalooza took place in August.
stephen paddock Philippines
October 3, 2017
Stephen Paddock, the man who committed the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, was found to have sent tens of thousands of dollars to the Philippines.
hillary clinton nra las vegas shooting
October 2, 2017
Hillary Clinton used the tragic shooting in Las Vegas over the weekend to needlessly attack the National Rifle Association.
man finger vegas shooting
October 2, 2017
An unidentified man did what person in his position would do when facing death defenseless: He give the middle finger to shooter Stephen Paddock.