Hillary Clinton Targets NRA In Response To Las Vegas Shooting

hillary clinton nra las vegas shooting

Following the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas last night, Hillary Clinton, like many others, took to Twitter to offer her condolences. However, as she and other anti-gun liberals have done so many times in the past, Clinton levied the tragedy to attack the National Rifle Association and push her anti-gun agenda.

Clinton didn’t just attack the NRA – she alluded that they’re partly to blame for this shooting and all the others. On the contrary, no one is to blame for this tragedy except the man who pulled the trigger. While police are still searching for a motive, they believe that Stephen Paddock legally purchased the guns – in California, no less – that he used to carry out his heinous act. However, his ability to purchase guns wasn’t what inspired him to go on a murderous rampage – people who are intent on causing harm will find a way to cause it, no matter what.

Furthermore, here’s what Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sheriff Joseph Lombardo had to say about Paddock (emphasis mine): “We had no knowledge of this individual. I don’t know how [the shooting] could have been prevented.”

Sometimes people without a criminal history decide to do terrible things. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case for the Las Vegas shooting. The NRA had nothing to do with Paddock’s actions, and targeting the NRA will not prevent people from using guns to commit crimes. Instead, it will do the opposite by inhibiting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans.

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