Celine Dion Returns to Las Vegas Stage – Dedicates Show to Shooting Victims

Celine Dion is a Las Vegas attraction. The Titanic hit-maker has been performing in the city for years, and after the mass shooting massacre that happened over a week ago, everything stopped, including her sold out shows.

Dion has made Las Vegas home, so she was affected by the tragedy more than you know. Stephen Paddock was responsible for killing nearly 60 Americans and injuring over 500 as he knocked out windows at the Mandalay Bay and opened fire.

Celine has raised a lot of money over the years and she wanted to give back to the community that has given her so much.

On her first night back to the stage, Dion grabbed the mic and started to speak. This took everyone by surprise because she usually begins her shows with a song number. But this was different. This was special. The room was quiet and accommodating as she spoke from her heart. Reports are that attendees were in tears by the time she was finished.

Here’s some of what Dion said: “I hope that you’re doing okay … Before we start the show, I need to talk to you for a moment. I never start the show like this but tonight is very different. On Sunday we lost too many beautiful, innocent souls, and so many are still suffering. But tonight we’re going to let these families know that we are supporting them and that we will help them through their tragic loss.”

That’s when she announced to whom her concert would be dedicated to: “We dedicate tonight’s show to all of the victims and their families, and to the first responders, and to the doctors and nurses who are working around the clock to save lives, and to so many heroes who did whatever they could to help complete strangers in a time of desperate need.”

Watch this beautiful speech here:

God works in mysterious ways, and He always sends the right angel at the right time. On that night, Celine Dion warmed hurting hearts with that speech. She could have trotted out there and started the show like nothing happened, but her heart and her suffering wouldn’t let her.

Dion is a true patriot who loves this country and the people who live here. She seized a great opportunity for a teaching moment and it was well-received.

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