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October 14, 2020
Hollywood star Jim Carrey’s attempts to humiliate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) just blew up in his face, as the senator trolled him.
Carrey Trump
September 4, 2020
Jim Carrey just said that “Americans support Trump because he appeals to their basest and most primitive urges.”
Carrey McConnell
June 25, 2020
Jim Carrey just threatened Mitch McConnell with a disgusting cartoon in which he said that the senate majority leader will be “mowed down.”
Jim Carrey
May 18, 2020
Jim Carrey has blamed President Donald Trump and British PM Boris Johnson for half of the COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. and the U.K.
May 12, 2020
Jim Carrey made a cartoon depicting the Grim Reaper as being “jealous” of the coronavirus death count that he blames on Donald Trump and Republicans.
Jim Carrey
March 27, 2020
Comedic actor Jim Carrey just created yet another anti-Donald Trump cartoon after the end of his press tour for the movie “Sonic the Hedgehog.”
May 29, 2019
Leftist actor Jim Carrey promoted another one of his political pieces of artwork Tuesday, demanding that Robert Mueller testifies before […]
May 2, 2019
Lawyers representing Covington Catholic high school student Nicholas Sandmann have filed a $275 million lawsuit against NBCUniversal. Sandmann became the […]
July 24, 2017
Actor Jim Carrey is known for his laugh-out-loud slapstick comedy, but what you may not know about him is that he has a great deal of faith in Jesus Christ.