Jack Posobiec

Biden Shredded For Saying Italy’s Election of Giorgia Meloni is Proof Democrats Must Win to Save Democracy: ‘Has She Raided Her Opponents Yet?’

President Biden was on the receiving end of a fair bit of criticism after claiming the election of Giorgia Meloni…

4 months ago

Lindsey Graham Warns Prosecution Could Lead To ‘Riots In The Streets’ After NYT Calls For Indictment

Political tensions have been hitting dangerous levels since the FBI raided former President Donald Trump's Florida home at Mar-a-Lago. The…

5 months ago

Rand Paul Torches Fauci – Tells Him To Apologize To ‘Every Single Parent And School-Aged Child In America’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke out on Sunday to blast Dr. Anthony Fauci after the the infectious diseases expert admitted…

2 years ago

DNC Official Suggests Re-Education For Trump Voters – ‘How Do You Deprogram 75 Million People?’

David Atkins, an official who was just elected as a California member of the Democratic National Committee, took to social…

2 years ago

Antifa ‘Ringleader’ Behind Attack On Andrew Jackson Statue Arrested By Feds

Jason Charter, the ringleader behind the antifa attack on the Andrew Jackson statue outside the White House has been arrested…

3 years ago

Trump Baits Democrats Into Defending Arsonists And Looters

It was a perfect tactical move by the president.

3 years ago