Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo of All People Correctly Identifies ‘Defund The Police’ as Democrats’ Disconnect With Voters On Crime

An interesting thing happened during Tuesday's episode of Fox News Channel's "The Five" - Geraldo Rivera was spot on right…

3 months ago

Geraldo Accuses President Biden of Going to Saudi Arabia to ‘Whore Himself’

Geraldo Rivera blasted President Biden for a planned visit to Saudi Arabia in July accusing him of going there to…

8 months ago

Geraldo Rips Biden Admin ‘Doing Things A** Backwards,’ Fox Panel Calls Them ‘Clueless’

There are plenty of polls out right now that do not portend good things for President Joe Biden and his…

1 year ago

Geraldo Rivera Blasts Unvaccinated Americans – ‘Arrogant, Selfish’

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera went off on unvaccinated Americans on Tuesday, saying that they are “arrogant” and “selfish.” Rivera…

2 years ago

Geraldo Rivera Slams Biden’s ‘Preposterous’ Gun Violence Plan: ‘There’s A Ghetto Civil War Going On’

On Monday, liberal Fox News pundit Geraldo Rivera blasted President Joe Biden’s plan to combat 'gun violence,' calling it “preposterous.”…

2 years ago

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera And Dana Perino Blast ‘Pathetic, Sleepy’ Biden Gun Control Speech

On Wednesday, Fox News pundits Geraldo Rivera and Dana Perino blasted President Joe Biden’s "pathetic" gun control speech aimed at…

2 years ago

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera: Trump Has To Stop Attacking Election Results

On Monday, Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera said that President Donald Trump must stop attacking the presidential election results because…

2 years ago

Trump Says Democrats And Joe Biden Are ‘Against The Bible’

President Trump said Thursday that Democrats are “against the bible,” a comment some might take as an appeal to evangelicals.…

2 years ago

President Trump Slams 3M On Mask Priorities At Virus Briefing

They are exporting to foreign nations when we need them here.

3 years ago

Geraldo Rivera Says Trump Is ‘The Right Warrior For This Fight’

On Monday, Geraldo Rivera addressed those who hate President Donald Trump and continue to do so during the coronavirus pandemic.…

3 years ago

Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino Fight It Out Over Caravan on Hannity

Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino had a heated argument over the migrant caravan attempting to enter the U.S. on Sean…

4 years ago