Geraldo of All People Correctly Identifies ‘Defund The Police’ as Democrats’ Disconnect With Voters On Crime

Geraldo Says Floyd Death And 'Defund The Police' To Blame For Democrat Disconnect With Voters On Crime
YouTube Screen Shot-Fox News 3/16/22

An interesting thing happened during Tuesday’s episode of Fox News Channel’s “The Five” – Geraldo Rivera was spot on right about something.

During a discussion of the upcoming midterm election, the panel talked about the fact that voters really don’t see Democrats as being able to solve the rampant crime wave plaguing American cities.

Greg Gutfeld started the discussion off by suggesting that Democrats need to listen to people like Democrat icon James Carville, who has repeatedly tried to warn his party about the pitfalls of the recent “woke” agenda. Gutfeld offered up this advice to Democrats, saying, “Listen to the Carvilles. They’re the ones.”

Fellow panelist Judge Jeanine Pirro jumped in with still more suggestions. She posited, “And not only that, listen to the New York Times, that says it’s time to switch tactics, and start talking about inflation, which the Dems exacerbate.”

But it was Fox’s favorite liberal Geraldo who floored me. 

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The Root Of Dems Crime Problem

Geraldo Rivera actually came up with a very good point, saying:

“I think the most important person in the failure of the Democratic Party is George Floyd. I think that once he was murdered, the country went crazy with defund the police and everything else. So the Democrats led the charge. It was very very unrealistic.”

And he’s right. A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that of the registered voters polled, 39% said they trusted Republicans to get a handle on crime, while 30% said Democrats would solve the problem.

Another poll, the Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, asked voters if they approve or disapprove of the job President Biden is doing on crime – only 39% approved.

Where the issue of crime falls on voters’ list of priorities may be part of Democrats’ messaging problem as well. The Harvard poll showed when broken down, for Republican voters, crime came in at number seven. For Democrats, crime falls all the way to 16.

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Time For Democrats To Own ‘Defund The Police’

Immediately following the murder of George Floyd there were calls from the protesters in the streets, all the way up to sitting members of Congress, who were extremely vocal about defunding the nation’s police departments.

Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders was all on board with defunding the police.

And of course the ‘Squad’ was all in.

Rep. Cori Bush didn’t even try to hide it.

Rep. Ilhan Omar upped the ante, and called for completely dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department, calling it “rotten to the root.”

Bush continues calls to defund the police, but her fellow Democrats, facing by all accounts an election night drubbing, are doing their best to distance themselves from the idea. 

Pennsylvania Senate Candidate John Fetterman said recently, “It was always absurd to defund the police.”

Wisconsin Senate Candidate Mandela Barnes stated that he does not “support defunding the police.”

Arizona Senator Mark Kelly, who is also in a tight race, stated in a campaign ad, “I stand up to the left when they want to defund the police.”

Geraldo Rivera pointing out the error of Democrats’ ways is proof that in an election season, anything can happen.

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