Department of Labor

Biden’s Secretary Nominee For Labor Department Faces Confirmation Battle

By Casey Harper (The Center Square) The U.S. Senate HELP Committee is expected Wednesday to vote on the nomination of…

1 month ago

Governors Of 18 States Form Coalition To Fight Biden Administration’s ESG Policy

By Bethany Blankley (The Center Square) Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is leading a coalition of governors from 18 states who’ve pledged…

3 months ago

Watchdogs Say Unemployment Fraud Likely Topped $191 Billion

By Brett Rowland (The Center Square) Slightly more than $1 out of every $5 distributed in unemployment insurance payments during…

4 months ago

Jobless Claims Reach Unexpected 744,000, Far Worse Than Originally Predicted

According to the Department of Labor on Thursday, new weekly jobless claims have jumped to 744,000 for the week ending…

2 years ago

CBS Publishes Fake News Story of Nurse With No Coronavirus Protection

CBS published a news story of a woman who claimed to be a nurse saying she had no coronavirus protection…

3 years ago

Department of Labor Case Demonstrates Cronyism Still Alive and Well in DC

The Department of Labor needs to clean up its act.

3 years ago

August Jobs Report: 130,000 Jobs Added, Unemployment Remains At 3.7 Percent

Mary Margaret Olohan on September 6, 2019 The U.S. economy added 130,000 jobs in August, while the unemployment rate remained at…

4 years ago

Exclusive: Labor Department To Reinstate Aide Wrongfully Accused Of Anti-Semitism

Luke Rosiak on September 4, 2019 Trump appointee Leif Olson will return to his post after resigning following a Bloomberg Law…

4 years ago

Trump Labor Employee Resigns Amid Bloomberg Law Report Over 2016 Joke

Shelby Talcott on September 3, 2019 A newly appointed Trump Labor Department official resigned after Bloomberg Law requested comment from the…

4 years ago

JUST IN – Trump Administration to Merge Labor & Education Departments

The Department of Labor was created in 1913, the Department of Education in 1979, and in 2019 they could become…

5 years ago