How The TV Show ‘COPS’ Messed Up Americans’ Views Of Policing And Crime

By Ross Pomeroy for RealClearScience Americans generally have no idea what is going on in America. This is particularly true…

1 year ago

Maxine Waters Says Republicans ‘Don’t Seem To Care’ About ‘Rogue Cops’ Targeting Minorities

On Tuesday, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters said that Republicans didn’t seem to care about “rogue cops” who she claims "target"…

2 years ago

Denzel Washington: ‘I Have The Utmost Respect For What Police Do… People That Sacrifice Their Lives’

While many on the Hollywood left today support the "defund the police" movement, actor Denzel Washington says that law enforcement…

3 years ago

Portland Cops Arresting Female Rioter Get Asked If Female Cop Is There For Pat-Down: Male Cop Replies, ‘How Do You Know That I Don’t Identify As Female?’

Police in Portland, Oregon have been going through hell over the past few months, as they have been forced to…

3 years ago

Professor Of African American Lit At Auburn University Says ‘F*ck Every Single Cop’

Incoming professor Jesse Goldberg, who is set to teach “African American & American Literature and Composition” at Auburn University, just…

3 years ago

Kayleigh McEnany Eviscerates Hollywood For Cancelling ‘Live PD’ And ‘COPS’

During Friday's White House press briefing, Kayleigh McEnany ripped into Hollywood for cancelling shows like "COPS" and "Live PD." While…

3 years ago

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison Says Cops Are Unqualified To Handle Sexual Assault Calls

Sadly, I investigated numerous rape and other sexual assault calls during my career. While detectives will handle the follow up…

3 years ago

Seattle Police Officer Pens Viral Open Letter On How Radical Protesters Have ‘Broken’ Him

A police officer from Seattle, Washington just penned a viral letter in which he lamented that he has been "broken"…

3 years ago

Chicago Cops Punch 18 year-Old Black Protester In The Face – Knock Out Her Teeth At Riot Over Christopher Columbus Statue

An 18 year-old black protester was just punched in the face by police in Chicago, Illinois during a protest calling…

3 years ago

Daughter Of Murdered Texas Cop Is Attacked Online For Posting #BlueLivesMatter To Honor Him

On Saturday, two Texas police officers were tragically gunned down while responding to a domestic violence call. Afterwards, something truly…

3 years ago

CHOP Surrenders To Police As Democrats Start Pointing Fingers At Each Other

The mayor wants a member of council expelled.

3 years ago

Black Lives Matter Mob Invades Target: Threatens To ‘Shut Down’ Store If They Cooperate With The Cops

A chilling video is going viral this weekend showing a Black Lives Matter mob storming a Target store in Washington…

3 years ago