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hillary trump dictator
December 19, 2023
Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump for saying he would be a dictator “but only on day one” of a second presidency.
BLM american flag racist
July 8, 2021
Black Lives Matter’s Utah Chapter is claiming that the U.S. flag is a “symbol of hatred” and is condemning anyone who chooses to fly it.
De Blasio's 'Cringe' Stunt To Try To Get New Yorkers Vaccinated Is Roundly Mocked
May 14, 2021
Mayor Bill de Blasio tried to highlight a restaurant promotion that wants to entice New Yorkers to to get coronavirus vaccinations.
February 5, 2020
Jim Acosta has been called out for his “disgusting” comments about conservative radio icon, Rush Limbaugh.
November 4, 2019
Some of Bill Clinton’s closest former administration officials have remained silent after Ronan Farrow said he was ‘credibly accused of rape.’