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Chuck Norris
November 22, 2023
Chuck Norris has revealed why he switched parties from Democrat to Republican in a newly-surfaced viral video.
best of chuck norris movies military air force
October 7, 2022
The man, the myth, the legend Chuck Norris has earned his icon status in movies, military, and jokes – here’s the best of Chuck Norris.
chuck norris communism warning biden socialist karl marx
September 22, 2022
Recently, martial arts legend Chuck Norris took on the left, declaring ‘Karl Marx would be proud of U.S. progress.’
chuck norris sues sony
February 5, 2018
He’s only made one recent movie appearance (making a cameo on the 2012 film “The Expendables”), but has racked up an estate’s worth of royalties, even from movies released many decades ago. If he’s to be believed, he’s still owed $30 million on top of his career earnings.
February 8, 2017
Chuck Norris and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had the opportunity to meet this week and Norris pledged his support for the Jewish state
March 17, 2015
Actor Chuck Norris on Monday cut a last minute campaign video on behalf of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu faces […]