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Fauci On If New COVID-19 Variant Is Already In US: 'Anything Is Possible'
November 29, 2021
The White House's top doctor, Anthony Fauci, said Friday the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 could already be in the…
Watch CNN's Keilar Stick To Dem Talking Point On CRT As Republican Scott Shocks Her With The Truth
November 9, 2021
CNN Keilar Democrat talking point that critical race theory is not being taught in schools Rick Scott direct evidence from…
cnn republicans dangerous
August 12, 2021
CNN’s Brianna Keilar along with Melanie Zanona called Republicans “dangerous,” and “irresponsible” mask mandates and vaccinations.
Keilar Donalds
June 10, 2021
GOP Rep. Byron Donalds shut down CNN host Keilar, saying "as a black man in America, I'm allowed to have…
Don Lemon Trump
June 3, 2021
Don Lemon ripped Donald Trump as a "liar" and a "bigot," calling him a "lounge act" with only random weddings…
CNN List
November 11, 2020
CNN host Brianna Keilar broadcasted a list of GOP senators who have not "acknowledged Biden as president-elect" on Tuesday.
McEnany Keilar
September 26, 2020
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany just ripped CNN host Brianna Keilar for incendiary remarks that she made.
August 7, 2020
Harry Reid just launched an outrageous attack on Donald Trump's mental state, saying "there's something wrong" and that he's "getting…
July 9, 2020
An Ohio sheriff is refusing to enforce his governor's mask order, saying "I'm not going to be the mask police"…
June 22, 2020
CNN just got schooled in a new interview with a straightforward black sheriff who refused to submit to their anti-police…