Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Narrates Pro-Biden Ad Portraying Him As Bipartisan Unifier

Hollywood star Brad Pitt has thrown his support firmly behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as he narrated an add…

2 years ago

Bette Midler Blasts Trump for Mocking the Oscars: ‘I’m More Upset That a Parasite Won the White House’

Trump should know that if Midler and the rest of Hollywood keep bashing him, he's just doing something right!

2 years ago

Trump Rocks Rallies Out West, Slams Bloomberg And Hollywood

His reviews of the Democrat debates and Hollywood are spot on.

2 years ago

Brad Pitt’s Anti-Trump Oscar Speech: 45 Seconds is ‘More Than the Senate Gave John Bolton’

Right on cue, Hollywood liberal Brad Pitt made his Oscar acceptance speech political last night when he bashed the U.S.…

3 years ago

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Just Embarrassed Obama In A HUGE WAY!

Most Hollywood celebrities are predictably liberal and overwhelmingly support President Barack Obama. They are out-of-touch with the rest of America. But…

7 years ago

Brad Pitt’s New Year’s Eve Prank Is One Of The ALL-TIME Greatest Ever!

This is a real story. New Year's Eve, 1999: Brad Pitt, David Fincher, and a few friends rented a Mexican…

7 years ago

Angelina Jolie’s Latest Health News – Please PRAY!

Angelina Jolie has been featured on The Political Insider because of her humanitarian spirit and love for this country -…

7 years ago