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Ana Navarro
April 3, 2024
Ana Navarro outrageously claimed on “The View” that “The Star Spangled Banner” is the “white supremacist national anthem.
Stephen A. Smith Megyn Kelly
February 16, 2024
Megyn Kelly is being defended by Stephen A. Smith after she was accused of racism for bashing the black national anthem.
Megyn Kelly
February 12, 2024
Megyn Kelly spoke out to torch the black national anthem, saying that it “does not belong at the Super Bowl.”
Rep. Cohen suggested America has had slavery for 246 years. See his comments on the X social media platform about Super Bowl fans refusing to stand during the 'Negro National Anthem.'
February 12, 2024
Rep. Cohen ripped into Super Bowl fans for refusing to stand during the “Negro National Anthem,” claiming that America still has slavery.
January 22, 2024
The NFL is being slammed after announcing that the black national anthem will be performed once again at the Super Bowl next month.
Kari Lake Black National Anthem
September 8, 2023
Kari Lake is speaking out to slam the NFL for continuing to play the black national anthem before games, saying that she “won’t stand for it.”
February 14, 2023
An image circulated online of Kari Lake sitting in her seat, looking incredibly unimpressed, while others around her stood during the playing of the ‘Black national anthem.’
July 7, 2020
Sports reporter Jason Whitlock just slammed the NFL for playing the black national anthem, calling it “cowardice at its highest level.”
nfl national anthem protests
July 3, 2020
The NFL will reportedly play the ‘Black National Anthem’ prior to opening week games and will consider allowing players to put names of victims.