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Trump Biden
November 5, 2020
Trump’s campaign announced that the President had not only won Pennsylvania, but would win both Arizona and re-election by the…
Trump Michigan
November 4, 2020
President Donald Trump's reelection campaign has filed a lawsuit to stop vote counting in the state of Michigan.
presidential debate topics
October 20, 2020
Trump’s campaign manager pushed back against the Commission on Presidential Debates Monday for significantly altering the focus topics.
presidential debates virtual
October 8, 2020
President Trump and his campaign have suggested that the next debates between him and Biden be pushed back to avoid…
August 9, 2020
Ilhan Omar has a touch challenge in her home district, and her primary victory is anything but guaranteed. It's not…
August 6, 2020
Ivanka Trump just raised $4 million for her dad's presidential campaign in her first virtual fundraiser. She is becoming a…
July 16, 2020
Donald Trump announced that his presidential campaign manager Brad Parscale was being replaced by his deputy campaign manager, Bill Stepien