Team Trump: We Should Win Re-Election By Week’s End

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On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s campaign announced that the President had not only won Pennsylvania, but would win both Arizona and re-election by the week’s end.

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said during a press conference call, “We are declaring a victory in Pennsylvania. This is not based on gut or feel. This is based on math.”

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Team Trump Keeps Fighting

The New York Times reported Wednesday, “Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, argued that the urban and suburban ballots would give only 250,000 extra votes to Mr. Biden, who as of Wednesday evening trailed Mr. Trump by 192,380 votes, a three-percentage-point deficit that the former vice president had chiseled away at all day.”

Trump Campaign Want To Make Sure Votes Cast Are Legal

“Mr. Stepien said that mail ballots in more conservative counties, including York, Butler and Blair, would cut into Mr. Biden’s margins,” NYT’s reported.

“Both sides are maneuvering for a possible ballot-by-ballot legal fight if the race is extremely close.”

Team Trump held a press conference Wednesday.

In attendance were Eric Trump, Lara Trump, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, and campaign Senior Advisor Corey Lewandowski.

Their  intention was to make sure the votes cast and counted were all legal.

Trump senior campaign advisor Jason Miller said, “They are there to ensure that we don’t see magical ballots delivered by Gov. Wolf.”

Miller added that Trump would win Arizona, predicting a victory for the president in the state due to the 605,000 ballots still uncounted there.

Based on the current Arizona count, Trump’s campaign estimates the President would need  57.73% of the remaining votes to take that state.

“We call on both Fox News and the Associated Press to immediately withdraw their calling the state for Joe Biden,” Miller demanded.

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‘By The End Of This Week… President Trump And Vice President Pence Will Be Re-Elected For Another Four Years’

He insisted Trump would be victorious in North Carolina and Georgia, saying that would be the path for re-election.

“By the end of this week, it will be clear to the entire nation that President Trump and Vice President Pence will be re-elected for another four years,” Miller promised.

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