Amy Klobuchar

Democratic Senator Hirono Reveals Real Goal Behind Trump Impeachment Effort

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, spoke out on Saturday to reveal what the real…

1 year ago

Amy Klobuchar Accuses Trump Of ‘Burning Down The House Of Justice’ With His Pardons

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) went on CNN on Wednesday to blast President Donald Trump over his latest…

2 years ago

Senator Amy Klobuchar Reluctantly Admits Hydroxychloroquine Saved Her Husband’s Life

This had to be a hard pill for Amy Klobuchar to swallow publicly.

2 years ago

Klobuchar Threatens Republicans With ‘Wrath’ If They Don’t Cave To Vote-By-Mail Demands

Senator Amy Klobuchar told her Republican colleagues that they'd suffer the "wrath" if they don't concede to Democrats' demands to…

2 years ago

Former 2020 Dem Klobuchar Says Trump Turning Coronavirus Pressers Into ‘Propaganda’ While  People Are Dying

U.S. Senator and former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate  Amy Klobuchar said Tuesday on CNN that President Donald Trump was turning…

2 years ago

‘Captain America’ Star Chris Evans Says He’ll Stop Foul Trump-Bashing Ahead Of Launch Of Political Website

The liberal media has largely blasted Evans for trying to create a bipartisan news source

2 years ago

Alyssa Milano Teams Up With Democrats To Call For Mail-In Voting: ‘November Is Coming’

The fact that Democrats are shamelessly using a pandemic that has killed thousands of Americans to fuel their own political…

2 years ago

Obama Has Been Discussing VP Picks With Biden – Here Is The Most Important Criteria

Former President Barack Obama has been discussing potential running mates with Joe Biden, with the most important criteria being a…

2 years ago

Amy Klobuchar Ends Her Presidential Campaign – Endorses Joe Biden

She is the third candidate to drop out since the SC primary.

2 years ago

77-Year-Old Joe Biden is Now the Youngest Male Candidate in Democratic Race

77-year-old Joe Biden is the youngest male candidate in the Democratic presidential primary now that former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor…

2 years ago

Elizabeth Warren Swore She’d Never Take ‘A Dime’ From Super PACs—Now Accepting Support From A Super PAC

This about-face is indicative of what we can expect from a Warren presidency.

2 years ago

Amy Klobuchar Argues Illegal Immigrants Are This Country’s Future

Senator Amy Klobuchar argues that so-called 'dreamers' - children brought to this country by their illegal immigrant parents - are…

2 years ago