2020 presidential election

Trump Selflessly Fights Election Corruption

I'm serious. Really.

2 years ago

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum Calls Out RINO Jeff Flake

Flake lives up to his name.

3 years ago

Poll Finds President Trump’s Silent Majority – They’re Abundant

Most people know conservatives are undercounted in polls because they are not as loud and annoying as the Left and…

3 years ago

Media And Democrats Roll Out Fall Virus Offensive – Weaponize To Defeat President Trump

Up to now we've seen the media and Democrats take advantage of the coronavirus to try and push their radical…

3 years ago

GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy Warns This Could Be Last Republican President If Trump Is Not Reelected

He is not exaggerating. The system would be rigged against them.

3 years ago

Would-Be President Kanye West Gives Bizarre Anti-Biden Interview

This is clearly a PR stunt or a move designed by the president.

3 years ago

Attorney General Bill Barr Says Durham Probe To Have Results Before End Of Summer

That could change the entire nature of the race for president.

3 years ago

Joe Biden Is Ducking The Press

His handlers fear more gaffes.

3 years ago

Barr Says Big Democrat Fish May Be Hooked In Durham Probe

He's not going to name names just yet.

3 years ago

Professor Predicts Big Trump Win In November

Helmut Norpoth called 2016 for Trump much earlier than almost all.

3 years ago

Biden: ‘I Don’t Have Any Problem Comparing My Energy Level To Donald Trump’

Biden's latest interview was a veritable word salad of mixed metaphors and non-sequiturs.

3 years ago