This video (below) is incredible. “Big Joe” showed up at one of the liberal Women’s Marches on Saturday, and, while surrounded by liberals, explained “common sense” and wisdom in the middle of protests. Watch as liberals insult and verbally attack him, but Big Joe doesn’t tolerate hateful ignorance.

There is an old saying, that you shouldn’t get in the mud with pigs because all you get is dirty… and the pig likes it. But not this time! Big Joe has had enough, and explains how he – a conservative black man – is thrilled that President Donald J. Trump is in the White House.

Watch the incredible video here, which has been viewed more than 13 million times this week.

This is powerful!

Big Joe doesn’t approach politics by looking at race. He’s an American, and saw what eight years of socialism in the White House has done to our country. Trump is already making drastic changes during his first week to clean up this mess, and we have a long way to go.

Mattis is already dropping bombs on the Islamic State (ISIS), Obamacare is on it’s way out the door forever, and Trump continues to bring jobs back to our country. America is becoming great again, which is why our country needs patriots like Big Joe… and many prayers.

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