In a 6-3 vote along ideological lines, the Supreme Court voted to reinstate a death penalty sentence on surviving Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Tsarnaev and his older brother Tamerlan were responsible for the heinous bombing attack at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013 that killed three people, including an eight year old boy, and injured hundreds more.

The ruling by the Court reversed a lower court decision.

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History Of The Case

Tsarnaev’s death sentence was thrown out by a lower court in 2020. That decision stated that the judge improperly excluded evidence that would have demonstrated that the younger Tsarnaev was influenced by his older brother, therefore making him less responsible for the horrific attack. 

 Justice Clarence Thomas wrote the opinion for the six majority Justices.

Thomas wrote, “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev committed heinous crimes. The Sixth Amendment nonetheless guaranteed him a fair trial before an impartial jury. He received one.” Writing for the dissent, Justice Stephen Breyer stated, “In my view, the Court of Appeals acted lawfully in holding that the District Court should have allowed Dzhokhar to introduce this evidence.”

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In America, When Democrats Are In Charge, Crime Pays

Tsarnaev was recently in the news for receiving a $1,400 COVID relief check

In the run up to passing the massive COVID relief bill, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR). Cotton introduced an amendment to the bill which would exclude felons from receiving federal money.

The amendment failed and Tsarnaev received a check.

But while a judge ordered Tsarnaev’s check to go towards restitution he was ordered to pay victims, what did Sen. Cotton receive for his troubles? A bit of fact-checking from the Washington Post, who proceeded to claim Cotton was less than factual about Tsarnaev receiving money.

However, the fact-checkers at the Washington Post got their own lesson in “facts.” In the beginning, the paper said Cotton’s claims were “hyped up,” but later had to admit that Tsarnaev and other felons did indeed receive stimulus checks.

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Meet America’s New Teen Heartthrob

But while taxpayers, many of them injured in the attack carried out by Tsarnaev and his brother, pay for his stimulus check, something even sicker emerged.

Readers may recall the cover of the August 2013 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, which featured a picture of Tsarnaev with the brooding “I’m misunderstood” gaze of a rock star just waiting for the groupies after the show.

And indeed there were groupies. The old adage about good girls liking bad boys, well it was on full display and then some. Fortunately, sanity took over and Rolling Stone was taken to task for their teeny-bopper pin up image of Tsarnaev.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, now 28, will probably not see an execution date in the near future, and will outgrow his sulky boy-band member looks by the time he is called to pay for his crime.

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