Tom Cotton Mocks WaPo After Fact-Checkers Forced To Correct Article Knocking Him For COVID Claim

Tom Cotton Says WaPo Fact-Checks Him Because He's 'Telling The Truth’

On Monday, Sen. Tom Cotton mocked the Washington Post for reducing his Pinocchio rating from 2021 after it was reported that the Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev did indeed get a COVID-19 relief payment, as Cotton had warned.

Cotton made his comments during an interview on Fox news’ “Fox & Friends.”

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Cotton Says Left-Leaning Outlets ‘Fact-Check’ Him Because He’s ‘Telling The Truth’

During a 2021 congressional debate, Cotton said that the Democrats’ COVID relief bill at the time would allow prisoners like the Boston Bomber to receive money.
The Washington Post initially attacked Cotton, with a headline blaring that the claims were “hyped-up.” Nearly a year later, they were forced to correct their article after a Justice Department document revealed that Boston Bomber Tsarnaev did receive a COVID check.

Cotton told Fox News that left-leaning news outlets like The Washington Post and The New York Times fact check him because he is “telling the truth.”

“There wasn’t much of a mystery on this when I proposed an amendment that would prohibit checks from going to criminals like the Boston Marathon bomber,” Cotton said. “The Democrats voted against my amendment.”

“The Democrats said on the Senate floor that they wanted checks to go to prisoners,” Cotton said. “So, murderers and rapists and pedophiles across America got your tax dollars last year, yet The Washington Post used a fact check to call this a lie.”

“The reason they keep fact-checking me, though, is not because I’m not telling the truth,” the senator claimed. “It’s because I am telling the truth.”

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Cotton: ‘If the media wants to keep starting those fights with me, I’m happy to finish these fights’

Cotton then zeroed in on Democrats’ “crazy ideas.”

“I am exposing the crazy ideas of the Democratic Party, and their praetorian guard in the media doesn’t want to let me speak out to those truths,” Cotton continued. “This happened as well with my assertions in early 2020 at the very beginning of the pandemic that it was at least a real possibility that the virus came out of that lab in Wuhan, not from some food market.”

“And yet again, The Washington Post had to backpedal on those claims,” Cotton said. “It happened with The New York Times as well.”

“Look, if the media wants to keep starting those fights with me, I’m happy to finish these fights because the American people deserve the truth,” Cotton finished.

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