CBS News has again been caught slipping in footage of patients from a hospital in Italy in their coverage of the coronavirus here in the United States.

“In Pennsylvania, cases are skyrocketing at the rate of 1,000 a day,” the narrator states as the camera pans across a hospital room in a report on April 4th. “Governor Tom Wolf is appealing to citizens to help.”

Problem is, that particular hospital room first appeared in footage from Sky News discussing the coronavirus “in northern Italy” weeks ago.


Here is the footage from the CBS Weekend News report in question:

And here is the Sky News report showing footage from “the main hospital in Bergamo, the hardest-hit hospital in Italy, in the hardest-hit town, in the hardest-hit province, Lombardy.”

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Caught Again

Hey, everybody makes mistakes, right?

So we could cut CBS some slack for an innocent oversight, right?

Well, no.

Roughly two weeks ago, CBS was in the spotlight for having been caught using the same exact footage from their coronavirus coverage of New York City. Unbelievable!

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Just Another ‘Mistake’?

The media has already been accused of sensationalizing this pandemic. Airing footage from hospitals in other countries and saying these things are happening in the United States isn’t doing them any favors.

After the first incident, CBS offered a statement to the Daily Caller saying that the video was simply an “editing mistake.”

“It was an editing mistake. We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows,” a CBS spokesperson said.

Well, apparently not ALL platforms.

Not only did they fail to remove the footage, but they’ve now used it in two separate reports covering two separate states here in America.

President Trump received heat a couple of weeks ago for calling out a CBS News reporter saying, “There are people in your profession that write fake news.”

At what point will they admit these aren’t simple editing mistakes and are intentionally edited coverage to create a particular narrative?