Study: Ocasio-Cortez’ Green New Deal Would Have ‘No Effect’ on Earth’s Climate

A new study published by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) disputes the idea that the Green New Deal would have any effect on the environment, concluding that the impact on the Earth’s climate would be minimal at best.

The environmental pipe dream brought to you by the Democrat party’s rising socialist would abolish fossil fuels, eliminate millions of jobs, cost households $600,000 annually at an overall price tag of $93 trillion, and do NOTHING to stem the tide of climate change.

“Notwithstanding the assertions from GND [Green New Deal] proponents that it is an essential policy to confront purportedly adverse climate phenomena,” the report reads, “the future temperature impacts of the zero-emissions objective would be barely distinguishable from zero.”

Barely. Distinguishable. From zero.

The AEI also concluded that the Green New Deal’s “central premise” of depleting America’s energy-producing natural resources (oil and gas) and using other green energy sources to create jobs and increase the economy “is not to be taken seriously.”

Not Just Ocasio-Cortez

While it may seem easy to point and laugh at the ‘author’ of the GND – Ocasio-Cortez has claimed the policy is necessary because the world will end in 12 years and compared the fight against climate change to World War II – it’s important to note that this is a widely supported plan within the Democrat party, amongst both fringe and mainstream members.

Several 2020 Democratic presidential contenders are backing the plan, having clearly not read it, despite its staggering projected cost of $93 trillion and now having no real effect on the environment. Additionally, and despite its insanity, 92 House Democrats have co-sponsored the resolution.

In short, Democrats are trying to fleece taxpayers for the sole purpose of placating the radical environmental extremist voters in their party.

The AEI report notes that the GND’s social programs alone would cost $9 trillion annually – social programs which include government-run healthcare ($3.2 trillion), an employment guarantee ($680 billion) and so-called ‘free’ college and family and medical leave ($107 billion).

That’s quite a fleecing.

NRCC National Press Secretary Michael McAdams dismissed what some experts have called the “magical thinking” of an all-renewable energy future by sacrificing the well-being of the economy and taxpayers wallets.

“This study further solidifies the reality that the socialist Democrats and their insane policy proposals are a complete and absolute joke,” McAdams said in a statement.

Sadly, if a Democrat takes the White House in 2020 and tries to implement this ‘insane’ legislation, the joke will have been on the American people. And it won’t be all that funny.

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