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Utah Student Declines To Walk Out, Writes Thank You Notes Instead

While thousands of students across the country were taking advantage of a Democrat-organized opportunity to ditch class on Wednesday, one Utah student decided to stay in class and do something far more productive.

Instead of protesting, Elizabeth Busdicker, a 9th-grader at South Davis Jr. High in Bountiful, Utah, decided to write thank you letters. “We wrote 17 thank you notes to 17 different people in our lives to honor the lives [lost at Parkdale],” Elizabeth told Fox 13.

“I stayed in class, and I was one of the only ones in my class but I stayed,” she said. “Some people walked past our classroom in the halls, kind of gave me these looks, but I just felt like I was doing the right thing standing up for what I believe in.”

Elizabeth also seems to have a much greater grasp on the issue at hand than most of her peers. “It’s not guns who kill people; it’s people who kill people,” Elizabeth said, adding that she believes bullying is at the core of the problem. “I really made a huge effort to help these kids who look like they need a little extra help or a little more kindness in their day,” she said.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: Elizabeth confirmed that some of her classmates said they were only walking out because they wanted to cut class, and didn’t understand what the movement was about.

Elizabeth also sent a photo to her parents to show them her decision to stay behind. Her father, Mike Busdicker, said he was extremely proud of his daughter. “Twenty six years in the United States Air-Force,” he said. “I did that so I could protect the freedom and rights everyone in this country enjoys. That’s why I’m proud of my daughter, because she made her decision to stand up for what she believed in even though others were doing something different.”

We couldn’t have said it better!

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