On Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentenced Roger Stone to three years and four months in prison.

Jackson also gave Stone 24 months of supervised release per each count once the sentence is served. Stone will no doubt appeal for a new trial based on the circumstances of this case, if President Trump doesn’t pardon him before that.

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The root investigation (Mueller/Trump/Russian collusion) was tainted from the beginning. Then in the process, the biased FBI/DOJ decided to tip-off The Clinton New Network (CNN) of the arrest of Stone. In the course of prosecuting him, a Democrat politician/activist is appointed the jury foreperson who admits to a bias against President Trump and his associates. Additionally, another juror is the spouse of a DOJ employee in the division prosecuting/investigating the defendant Roger Stone.

I would imagine that Alan Dershowitz is licking his chops to handle the appeal of Stone, if the Obama appointed judge, in this case, doesn’t dismiss or grant a new trial.

Also during sentencing on Thursday morning, Jackson reportedly appeared snarky with Stone, signaling she would not go easy on him as she prepared to hand down his sentence.

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Trump loyalist and ally Roger Stone was sentenced Thursday to 40 months in federal prison, following an extraordinary move by Attorney General William Barr to back off his Justice Department’s original sentencing recommendation.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson said Stone’s crimes demanded a significant time behind bars, but she said the seven to nine years originally recommended by the Justice Department were excessive.

Stone’s lawyers had asked for a sentence of probation, citing his age of 67 years, his health and his lack of criminal history.

Stone was convicted in November on all seven counts of an indictment that accused him of lying to Congress, tampering with a witness and obstructing the House investigation into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia to tip the 2016 election. [Associated Press]

Ironic that it’s not illegal for members of Congress to lie on the record during their proceedings or when former FBI officials lie during investigations or cabinet secretaries can violate the national security act amongst other laws and yet they aren’t charged or held accountable.

By these standards, Rep. Adam Schiff should be in jail. He, too, lied to Congress.

President Trump will either commute the sentence or give Stone a full Pardon, regardless of this verdict.

It’s not only the proper and correct thing to do under the circumstances, but it’s also the politically smart thing to do as well; two things that aren’t necessarily compatible in politics. Blagojevich’s commutation timing was just the precursor to what’s coming down the road for Stone with much more to follow, including General Flynn.

Paul Manafort’s sentence should be commuted, not necessarily receive a full pardon, for the same reason you should if you were hypothetically sent to prison for having stolen credit-cards in your house that were discovered by crooked cops who made up a bogus story to get a search warrant of your property.

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Guilt or innocence should be irrelevant when law enforcement is provably corrupt in the case. That’s how our system used to work before our brave new world of political retribution infected the justice system.

Anyone who was either directly or indirectly caught up by the dirty cops of the FBI and the Mueller investigation shouldn’t have to spend the rest of their lives in solitary confinement for freakin tax evasion.

But I’ll make you a deal. The day that Al Sharpton goes to prison for his tax evasion, or the day that someone from the IRS is held accountable for the Obama Administrations provable use of the federal tax code as a political weapon, then maybe I’ll rethink my position.

But until then, I’m perfectly content in my civil libertarian views.

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