Despite all the talking points from liberals about how President Donald Trump’s rhetoric is emboldening bigots, the only bigots who’ve turned to violence have all come from the Left.

Whether it be the black bloc anarchists of antifa, who will march through the streets assaulting all the “Nazis” (i.e. anyone who isn’t a Marxist lunatic) that cross their path, or the campus crusaders who violently shut down conservative speakers, it’s the Left who is the most politically violent in this country.

When it comes to extreme violence, the only such act of terrorism in this age of heightened political tensions has come from a former Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer who targeted a Republican congressional baseball practice back in June. Shooter James Hodgkinson, whose social media accounts showed him to be obsessed with left-wing causes, opened fire on Republican lawmakers. Reps. Mo Brooks and Brad Wenstrup, and Sens. Rand Paul and Jeff Flake were also at the game. Hodgkinson ended up being the only fatality that day as he was killed by Scalise’s security personnel.

Scalise was rushed to the hospital, and was in critical condition numerous times before it was clear he would survive. He’s since been in recovery, and as of today, is returning to public life.

Somehow, there’s no shortage of liberals who are now making political attacks against Scalise now that he’s back in Congress.


Below is the most favorited comment in response to Scalise’s return announcement.

And there was no shortage to the stupidity:

Should someone tell these guys that congressmen are exempt from Obamacare?

Others sought to make Scalise’s recovery a gun control issue. It’s odd how Scalise could ever see it that way, given that it was his armed security personnel that ended up saving everyone that day.

Meanwhile, Scalise’s colleagues had a bit more human reaction to the news.

You can listen to Scalise addressing Congress for the first time since the shooting below:

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