Steve Bannon, the combative Breitbart chairman and former White House chief strategist, has wasted no time getting back to work after leaving the Trump Administration.

Bannon has set his sights on those within the White House whom he views as enemies of the president’s agenda.

His latest target: Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn.

It’s been widely reported that Bannon’s allies enjoy referring to Cohn as “Globalist Gary” and use the globe emoji (🌎) when referencing him. Cohn’s economic views never matched up well with Trump’s “America-First” philosophy, and it makes sense that nationalists like Bannon don’t see eye-to-eye with a former COO of Goldman Sachs.

With Bannon out of the White House, he has free rein to blast anyone he sees as insufficiently supportive of President Trump. In an upcoming “60 Minutes” interview, Bannon unloaded on Cohn, calling on him to resign:

The “break” Bannon is referring to is Cohn’s reported disapproval of Trump’s Charlottesville response. After Trump blamed both sides for the violence that took the life of Heather Heyer, Cohn said he felt pressure to resign, and encouraged the president to “do better” when it comes to denouncing white supremacists.

Bannon isn’t having any of it. You can’t have a powerful White House with disunity in the ranks, especially public disagreement.

It’s doubtful Cohn will take Bannon’s advice, but with so many White House shakeups as of late, you never know.

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