Stephanie Grisham Claims Trump Will Be ‘Unleashed’ If He Becomes President Again

On Tuesday, former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed that former President Donald Trump attempted a “coup” and warned that critics like her might be “jailed” if he ever makes it back to the White House.

Grisham made her remarks on CNN’s “The Lead” with host Jake Tapper.

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Grisham On Trump Reelection

Grisham said, “There are citizens out there who don’t realize what a 2024 Donald Trump presidency can look like.”

“And I’m just hoping against hope that I, by being completely honest, can help people just understand what the consequences could truly be,” she added.

“You write about how if Trump does end up back in the White House, he’ll be unleashed,” Tapper told Grisham, noting that he wouldn’t have to worry about reelection. “He won’t have to worry about what voters think about him.”

“You suggest there could be retribution and revenge. Against whom?” Tapper asked.

“Not to be joking, but I bet he’ll put me in jail,” Grisham said. “I really think anybody who spoke out against him.”

Regarding January 6, Tapper said, “Let’s talk about January 6th one more second. Do you think that Trump was responsible for people coming to the Capitol on that day, specifically so that they would stage a violent protest to stop Congress from certifying the election?”

“Do you think that was his predetermined goal?” Tapper asked.

Grisham responded, “My short answer is, I don’t know. But I think that I know his playbook pretty well, and I know he was well aware that there was going to be a very large gathering. A stop the steal gathering that he was going to be speaking at.”

“I know that his campaign was working directly with some of the people, some of the vendors who were kind of organizing the campaign,” Grisham continued.

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Grisham Says She Will Cooperate With January 6 Committee

Tapper then brought up the congressional investigation into January 6. 

“There is a committee that’s a special committee in the House of Representatives investigating the events of that day, as I’m sure you know,” Tapper said.

The host asked, “Have they reached out to you at all? Would you cooperate with them?”

Grisham replied, “Yes, I would cooperate if they reached out. I’ve had a couple of very casual conversations about it, but, yes, I would cooperate if needed, absolutely.”

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Tapper: Was Trump ‘Trying To Stage A Coup?’

Tapper followed up, “Do you think the president was essentially trying to stage a coup?”

“I do,” Grisham immediately replied.

“When you look at what he was doing to Vice President Pence, when you look at how many ways he was trying to get people and phone calls, even with Georgia and Arizona and then again, with pressuring Mike Pence with all he wanted to do, and that memo that’s now come out about all the ways to, you know, overturn this election,” she said.

“I do. It’s dangerous,” Grisham finished.


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