Earlier this week, Massachusetts State Rep. Michelle Dubois warned illegal aliens that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would be performing compliance raids in the community on Wednesday, March 29th.

Dubois even gave specific instructions, telling illegal aliens to stay inside, don’t walk on the street, and if there are knocks at the door, don’t answer it.

Now she’s doubling down on tipping off the raids!

Source: CBS Local

Passing information along that is already all over the community not only lets the people I represent know what is happening. It lets ICE know that everyone in Brockton is aware of their intended raid if there was one,” DuBois said, reading a statement aloud.

Asked whether she thought the post could be construed as obstructing justice, she replied, “No, I don’t.”

DuBois also said she did not see a problem with disseminating a rumor and admitted, she did not contact ICE before doing so.

Here is the Facebook warning to illegal aliens:

I guess Dubois feels like she is an abolitionist? She should be arrested! Did she read the newspapers? Is she even thinking about her community and how safe they are? This is madness.

Watch Tucker Carlson take her down!

This statement by DuBois tells me everything I need to know

This is unheard of that an American lawmaker would tip illegals publicly, that law enforcement was doing their jobs. This seemed to be a situation for an arrest in the area of “obstruction,” or “aiding and abetting.”

What drives me crazy is that a majority of the media is calling illegal aliens “immigrants.” And then associating these criminals with immigrants who built the country. Enough!

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